Spring is the Best Time for Gardening!

Posted by Chloe Ackland on 31st March, 2024.


It's time to wave goodbye to those long, dark Winter days and welcome some much-needed Spring sunshine!

We've been waiting all Winter for the sun to peek through those grey clouds. Now that nature's hitting the play button again (hooray!), it's the perfect time to get out into the garden. With the weather warming up and plenty of sunlight on the cards (fingers crossed!), there's so much to love about gardening in Springtime. 

flower gardening gloves holding a plant pot in spring

Spring is the Time of Growth, Planning and Preparation


The weather's warming up, plants are starting to reappear and the sun's shining a little longer each day - Spring is a wonderful time for growth and renewal! 

Gardeners use Spring as a time to plan and prep their outdoor areas. Whether you're sketching dream garden layouts, picking out the perfect seeds and plants, or just organising your gardening shed, Spring is a great time get everything ready for the growing season ahead. And if you're dreaming of a garden that looks straight out of Gardener's World magazine, now's the time to get cracking!

If your wellies or gardening boots are looking a bit tired, consider upgrading your garden footwear this season with our bestselling gardening shoes. Ideal for keeping your feet comfortable and dry while you spend hours tending to your flower beds.  

woman gardening in spring

Mindfulness and Gardening 


Gardening is not just about the plants—it's about us too! Spending hours in your outdoor space can be an excellent way to find a sense of calm, connect to the natural environment and soothe anxiety or racing thoughts. Pulling weeds, planting seeds, pruning bushes and collecting old leaves can help turn your attention away from your inner world towards the smells, sounds and textures of the gardening tasks at hand.

Gardening helps you to focus on the 'here and now' without the distraction of thoughts. It's a wonderful escape from daily life and can bring huge health benefits alongside keeping you active and providing a sense of achievement. We're big fans of gardening here at Lakeland Active HQ - can you tell?

So, as we shake off the last of those Winter blues, let's embrace all that Spring has to offer. Whether you're a seasoned gardening pro or just getting started, there's no better time to get out into your garden!


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