Ultimate Guide to Gardening in Spring 

Posted by Chloe Ackland on 8th April, 2024.


'Tis the season where... you can't quite predict the weather! With the changeable weather upon us (Sun hat? Umbrella? Raincoat? Sandals? Wellies?), at least one thing is certain - it's the best season for getting back out into your garden.

The weather's warming up, plants are starting to reappear and the sun's shining a little longer each day. Whether you're just starting out or have been gardening for years, there are so many things to love about the Spring gardening season. Dig in to our ultimate guide to Spring Gardening, from our top 5 best gardening shoes to our tips on what to grow as the weather starts getting warmer. 

    Spring gardening

    Spring is the best time for gardening and not just for the plants - it's about us too! Spending hours in your outdoor space can be an excellent way to find a sense of calm, connect to the natural environment and soothe anxiety or racing thoughts. A great way to practice mindfulness!

    5 Things To Do in Your Garden For Spring

    Give your garden a spring clean (literally!) and get the growing season off to a good start. Here's our 5 things to do in your garden in spring to kick-start the season. 

    1. Declutter Your Space: Having a good sorting session in your shed / garage / greenhouse and going through your essentials and tools is an excellent way to start the gardening season. 

    2. Regularly Weed: Weeds spring to life when the weather starts to warm up - they can grow very fast and quickly spiral out of control. Making sure that you're regularly weeding and staying on top of any pesky weeds. 

    (Tip! Get a quality pair of gardening gloves like our Orton or Fellbarrow gloves to give you good grip for tugging out any weeds by hand.)

    3. Prepare For Late Frosts: Pay attention to the weather forecast in April as cold snaps can still happen! Flowers are most vulnerable to the frost, you should protect them by using a horticultural fleece or spare sheets you have laying around.

    4. Sow Your Favourite Veggies: Mid-April is an ideal time to start sowing your vegetables. Start with planting potatoes and onions and sowing broad beans, carrots, or any of your favourite veg. 

    5. Re-seed Your Lawn: Keep your lawn looking healthy and full of life by re-seeding it and focusing on any bare patches. This will help provide a boost after the cold winter weather!


    What to Grow in Spring?

    It's the perfect time to start planting your vegetables and flowers ready for a glorious garden in Summer. If you're wondering what to grow in your garden this Spring, we've got tips on which veggies and flowers to plant and when. From Britain's favourite vegetables to pollinator-loving flowers, we've got plenty of ideas!

    If you're a keen vegetable grower, or you're looking to start a vegetable patch this year, March and April are a great time to begin. The months of Spring are the perfect time to sow everybody's favourite vegetables like potatoes and carrots. (yum!) 

    To look out for our bees, and various other pollinators, we'll start planting our perennials and annuals in March and April too. Head to your local garden centre to pick up some seeds and plan what colours you'll have sprouting up around your garden throughout the year.

    Some of our favourites are daffodils, daylilies, and delphiniums!


    Best Gardening Shoes for Men and Women in 2024

    Whether you're aiming for your garden to look like the cover of Gardeners' World, you're always heading down to your allotment or you just love keeping your outdoor space tidy - we’ve got a range of footwear to suit your activity. Read on for our best gardening shoes and boots.

    spring gardening guide

    1. Gardening Clogs and Shoes

    Our Appleby Backless Gardening Clogs are a customer favourite for their versatility. Waterproof and easy to get on and off, they're ideal for a whole variety of gardening tasks.

    Our Grasmere Muck Garden Shoes have a flexible neoprene upper that fits snugly against your foot to keep out unwanted water, mud, stones and debris. They are an excellent choice for muddy gardens and go-to choice for many all-season gardeners.



    If you’re looking for a super-lightweight shoe for taking out the bins or watering the plants, we’d recommend our best selling Dockray Garden Clogs. Available in Mens and Women's sizes, you can choose from classic or thermally lined clogs in a wide range of popular colours. 

    2. Gardening Boots

    For tougher gardening tasks, you’ll want premium boots designed for comfort and durability. Our Rydal Neoprene Wellington Boots are a reliable and sturdy choice featuring a steel-reinforced sole ideal for digging in heavy soil. Available in Men's size 7-13 and Women's size 3-9.

    Our ultra versatile Hayton Multipurpose Ankle Boots are a great footwear option for all-season gardening. Available in Men's and Women's sizes they feature luxurious memory foam insoles and pull tabs to get them on and off easily.



    Fun Gardening Activities for Kids

    Gardening is a great way for kids to learn about their natural environment and where their food comes from. From upcycling old yoghurt pots to making sunflower people, here are some fun hands-on gardening activities for the kids that will spark their creativity and curiosity.

    spring gardening guide

    Upcycled Herb Gardens

    Transforming old plastic containers, or yoghurt pots into mini herb gardens is an easy and fun way to introduce the kids to gardening.

    Sunflower Pot People

    Let the kids get creative with sunflower pot people! In just a few steps, the kids will be able to make their quirky characters.

    Little Helpers in the Garden

    Involving kids in "big-person" gardening tasks fosters a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. Whether it's sowing seeds, watering plants, or harvesting vegetables, let them participate in every stage of the gardening process (always supervised - of course!).

    If you're looking for some easy-to-pull-on boots for your kids to wear in the garden, then our Paddlebeck short wellington boots are the ideal footwear for slippy pathways, muddy puddles and wet grass.



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