Dive into the Best Water Shoes: Gear Up For Epic Water Adventures in 2024!

Posted by Chloe Ackland on 6th May, 2024


Whether you're partial to a cold dip in the morning or you prefer paddle boarding at the weekends, it's important to have the right gear for all activities - so you can stay out in the water for longer!

Buying a quality pair of water shoes to protect your feet and enhance your grip in the water can make a big difference to your enjoyment and your technique. 

What are water shoes?

We describe water shoes as: the footwear that you use whilst in and around the water. Water shoes are a great option for all types of water sports and days where you plan on being active around the water. Most water shoes are made from stretchy and waterproof material with a strong sole to protect your feet.

At Lakeland Active our best selling Eden water shoes are made from four-way stretch neoprene with water-draining mesh panels and a durable grippy sole. They feature an elasticated ankle and an adjustable toggle so you can trust them to stay on your feet enjoying the water.

Can you swim in water shoes?

Water shoes are ideal for all things water-related, including swimming! If you're looking for water shoes specifically for swimming, then you should make sure that you choose a lightweight and quick-drying style with water-draining panels so they don't slow you down in the water. 

Although swimming in water shoes does feel different from swimming barefoot, they are good for protecting your feet against rocky surfaces and getting across rough terrain before entering the water.

What are water shoes for?

We recommend using water shoes for any activities involving water! If you're planning on being very active, then water shoes are much more practical than flip-flops, clogs, trainers or sandals. Water shoes are ideal for:

  • Wild swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Surfing
  • Paddle boarding
  • Days on the beach
  • Rock pool exploring
  • Wind surfing 

What are the benefits of wearing water shoes? 

Water shoes as they offer grip and protection for your feet. They also keep your feet comfortable so you can focus on enjoying what you're doing and stay in the water as long as possible! Here are our top 3 important benefits of wearing water shoes:

  • Safety - water shoes are the best way to protect your feet from being stung, cut or hurt whilst you swim, paddle, kayak, surf or explore the rock pools. 
  • Comfort - your feet will stay comfortable for longer if they're protected by durable soles and soft stretchy neoprene.  
  • Temperature regulation - Wearing an extra layer on your feet whilst swimming is always a good idea, especially if you're heading out wild swimming in the sea or in a lake or river. 

Water shoes are specifically designed for safety in the water, so they are much better than using your old trainers! Water shoes don't have loose laces that could snag or get stuck underwater - this is vitally important when you're swimming or doing any type of water sports. 


Best Water Shoes for Women and Men to buy in 2024

Eden Aquasport Water Shoes

Our number #1 recommended water shoes for women and men are our Eden Aquasport Protective Water Shoes. Named after a beautiful valley in Cumbria, the Edens are made from flexible four-way stretch neoprene and are lightweight to wear.  

Get the whole family summer holiday ready with best water shoes for women, best kids water shoes and best water shoes for menEasy to pack for all your family adventures!

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Silloth Ventilated Clogs

If you're looking for some classic summer holiday footwear for wearing around the pool or down at the beach then our Silloth clogs are an excellent option for the whole family. Our customers also love using our Silloth clogs before and after water sports or for exploring rock-pools with the kids. 

Our Silloth clogs are available in a range of popular colours in Men's size 6.5 - 11, Women's size 3 - 7, Children's size 5 (junior) - 3.

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