What Are Water Shoes For? Discover 3 Surprising Benefits of Wearing Protective Shoes in the Water

Posted by Chloe Ackland on 19th April, 2023.


Whether you're into wild swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, surfing or you just enjoy spending time on the beach - wearing a quality pair of water shoes can make a big difference to your experience. 

Protecting your feet and keeping them comfortable in (and around) the water is a vital part of enjoying water sports and staying active for as long as possible! Let's dive into the three key elements of what water shoes are for, and the surprising benefits you can expect for your feet.

family sitting on jetty wearing water shoes 

What are water shoes?


Here at Lakeland Active we're serious about water shoes. We have been designing water shoes for years (our Eden aquasport shoes are best sellers on Amazon!) and we'd describe them as: the footwear that you use whilst in and around the water. Water shoes are a great option for summer holidays and all types of water sports.  

Your feet are important! Protecting your feet (and the kids' feet!) with a reliable pair of water shoes means that you can focus on enjoying the water instead of worrying about getting hurt or losing a shoe straight away... such a nightmare. 

Number 1 Benefit of Water Shoes: Protection for Your Feet 


Going barefoot might seem like a carefree option for water activities, but your feet might regret it later! Water shoes are the best way to protect your feet whilst you swim, paddle or surf - so you won't hurt your feet walking into the waves, get stung or cut your toes on any rocky surfaces. 

Water shoes with rubber soles provide extra grip and balance for stand-up paddleboarding and surfing. So you can stop worrying about your feet and focus on your technique. 


Number 2 Benefit of Water Shoes: Safer Than Your Old Trainers


Water shoes are specifically designed for use IN THE WATER (the clue is in the name), so they're much safer to wear in the water than your old pair of trainers. The best water shoes include features like water-draining panels and quick-drying neoprene fabric so they won't slow you down and you can easily dry them out for use over and over again. 

Water shoes are designed for safety, so they don't have loose laces that could snag or get stuck underwater - this is vitally important when you're swimming or doing any type of water sports. 

women wearing red water shoes on rocks

Number 3 Benefit of Water Shoes: Temperature Regulation


Wearing an extra layer on your feet whilst swimming is always a good idea, especially if you're heading out wild swimming in the sea or in a lake or river. A good pair of water shoes can make a big difference to the length of time you're able to stay active in the water. 

If you're going somewhere sunny (lucky you!), water shoes can also come to the rescue on very hot beaches, so your feet stay protected and comfortable even when the sand is scorching hot. Perfect for keeping the kids happy as they run around in the waves and build sandcastles!

man wearing water shoes on the beach

What are water shoes good for?

Water shoes are a brilliant footwear choice for summer holidays, adventures beside the water and all types of aqua sports. If you're planning on being active, water shoes are much more practical than flip-flops, clogs or sandals. We would always recommend using water shoes for:

  • Wild swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Surfing
  • Paddle boarding
  • Days on the beach
  • Rock pool exploring
  • Wind surfing 

Water shoes are great for the whole family! Protect everyone's feet and keep them happy for hours in the water with our complete best selling collection of women's water shoes, water shoes for men and kids water shoes. 


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