The Best Waterproof Boots and Wellies for Dog Walking

Posted by Chloe Ackland on 6th March, 2024


Raincoat on, dog lead in hand and four-legged friend bouncing by your side... it's time to brace yourself for yet another mud fuelled walk.

Every dog walker knows that daily walkies = mud, puddles and unavoidable dirt. If you're heading out to exercise your pooch (often twice a day!) in all weather conditions then you need some waterproof boots to avoid getting soggy socks and freezing feet.

Designed for comfort, warmth and waterproof reliability, our best selling dog walking rubber boots and wellies are perfect for clocking up some serious miles. Loved by dog walkers all over the UK, here's our top picks of waterproof boots and wellies for your daily dog walk. 

waterproof dog walking boots


The Muddier, the Merrier with our Rydal Wellington Boots

Here in the Lakeland Active head office, our team believe that the best dog walks are usually the muddiest (after-all, we are based in Cumbria!). We're talking about the thick-mud-splattered type of walk where you have to mentally prepare yourself before you go back into the house... quick get the hose pipe/towel for the pup!

Our best selling Rydal Neoprene Wellington Boots (featured in Good Housekeeping's Best Women's Wellies for Walking) were genuinely designed for ultra-muddy walks. Made from premium rubber fully lined with thick 5mm insulating neoprene and a high traction sole, they'll keep you comfortable and steady for miles walking in the mud with your dog. 

waterproof dog walking boots

There are so many reasons why we (and our customers) love our Rydal Wellingtons! Some of the key features of the Rydal boots

  • 100% waterproof premium natural rubber
  • Thick 5mm insulating neoprene for comfort down to -20°
  • Steel-reinforced high traction sole
  • Inbuilt kick-rim
  • Flexible pull-on styling

The Rydal wellington boots are available in two colours for Men Black and Moss Green and four colours for Women: Black, Moss Green, Plum and Navy-Teal.

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All-Season Strolls with our Hayton Ankle Boots 

If your weekday dog walks usually take place on puddle-covered pavements then you'll love our Hayton Multipurpose Ankle Boots. Ideal for strolls on the wet streets with your dog, they are an ultra-comfortable 100% waterproof boot in a shorter style.

The popular Hayton boots will quickly become your go-to-boots for heading out the door. With flexible neoprene uppers and inbuilt pull-tabs, they're easy to get on and off while the high traction soles will keep their grip and protect your feet from sticks and stones.

waterproof dog walking boots

Some of the key features of the Hayton boots:

  • 100% waterproof natural rubber 
  • Flexible 4mm insulating neoprene for comfort down to -10°C
  • Memory foam insoles
  • Pull tabs for easy on and off
  • Multidirectional outsole ridges

The Hayton ankle boots are available in two colours for Men Black and Moss Green and three colours for Women: Black, Moss Green, Plum.

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Waterproof Easy Style with our Kelton Short Boots

Our popular Women's Kelton Short Boots are perfect for dog walkers who love the protection of a pair of wellies but prefer the versatility of an ankle boot. They're the perfect middle ground between durable boots and everyday footwear - you really can wear them anywhere. 

Come rain or shine (let's be honest, it's mostly rain in the UK) the Kelton's will be your trusty year-round companions, they're also great for people who like to mix-up their dog walks and do a different route every time.  

waterproof dog walking boots

Key features:

  • 100% waterproof natural rubber
  • Cotton jersey lining
  • Removable faux fur insoles
  • Pull tabs for easy on and off
  • Grippy soles

And when you get back home and hang up the lead, easily pull the Kelton's off your feet with the cleverly designed rubber pull-tabs! The Kelton ankle boots are available in a range of popular colours: Yellow, Green, Navy Spot, and our best selling classic Navy. 

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Just pair your boots with our dog walking bum bags and you're all set for hassle-free walks with your furry friend. Post muddy dog walk, keep your boots in our tough and practical walking boot and wellie bags - the ideal addition to your car boot, hallway, utility room or cupboard!


Browse our complete Wellies Collection to find your perfect waterproof boots for all your dog walking adventures.

Caring for your rubber footwear. All of our wellingtons and boots are made from 100% natural rubber for lasting quality and waterproof comfort. If you're looking for tips on how to care for your wellington boots just take a look through our rubber products Care Guide 

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